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D3 Library and SDK

At the heart of the flexibility of C_wiz is the D3 (data device driver) architecture.

What is a D3

Current D3 Library

All D3s listed below are included with the Evaluation Edition Download.

As D3s are not particularly hard to write, our intention is to provide any D3s developed in the future by ForTotalRecall free of charge. This statement of intent obviously can not cover any D3s written by third parties.

All D3s have inbuilt diagnostics tools, a 60 second trace capability and fully utilize the C_wiz Test Drive facility to provide context sensitive online documentation.

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Caterpillar M5X


COM On-Off

The COM On-Off D3 monitors a COM port for changes in the state of On-Off devices connected to the COM port.

Every 10 seconds, or when the state of one of these devices changes, the state of all devices on the COM port are sent to C_wiz.

An On-Off device is a simple switch across the two pins of a COM port that form an On-Off sensor. When the switch closes the On-Off sensor is on.

The TIA/EIA-232 standard defines several pins which can be used for various forms of “hardware handshaking” during data transmission. These techniques are typically used by modems and similar devices to prevent message buffer overflows and related problems.

These pins are used by the COM On-Off D3 to provide two separate On-Off sensors to which On-Off devices can be connected.

If the COM port is a 9 pin male Sub-D plug then:

The CTS On-Off sensor uses pins 7 and 8 (RTS/CTS - Request To Send/Clear To Send).

The DSR On-Off sensor uses pins 4 and 6 (DTR/DSR - Data Terminal Ready/Data Set Ready).

COM Patch Panel

CruzPro All-In-One

Depth (NMEA 0183 DPT)

Frame Grabber (LTMM)

Frame Grabber (S2255)


ICP DAS 7000(II)

Rudder (NMEA 0183 RSA)

SAE J1587

System Monitor

VDO Logic Combi

D3 Plans

D3 Software Development Kit (SDK)


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D3 Library and SDK

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