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D3 Library and SDK

At the heart of the flexibility of C_wiz is the D3 (data device driver) architecture.

What is a D3

Current D3 Library

D3 Plans

D3 Software Development Kit (SDK)

Click here for a pictorial overview of the programmatic relationship between C_wiz and D3s.

A D3 software development kit is available comprising:

o 2 ActiveX controls:

o C_wizD3E404.ocx which provides simple mechanisms for a D3's Control File Editor to control it's relationship with the C_wiz Vessel Editor and the C_wiz Test Drive facility.

o C_wizD3X404.ocx which provides simple mechanisms for a D3 to pass data to C_wiz via Windows intra-PC messages and control it's relationship with the C_wiz Test Drive facility.

o The code of the Clock, COM On-Off and GPS (NMEA 0183 RMC) D3s. This code is heavily and thoroughly documented and can be used as templates for new D3s.

o A summary of the D3 development process.

When a D3 is developed by a third party a block of data parameter index numbers will be allocated by ForTotalRecall.

Because of this and a desire to minimize hassles with this process you can expect to be heavily qualified by ForTotalRecall before a D3 SDK will be made available.

Contact Us if you wish to pursue this possibility.


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D3 Library and SDK

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