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What is it

C_wiz is a PC based software product that allows you to gather, log and transfer data emanating from data devices such as GPS units, intelligent engine gauges, embedded engine data control units, depth sounders, "on /off" devices, analog sensors via A/D modules etc.

The data can then be analyzed by playing, plotting, mapping voyage tracks and reviewing event occurrences - thus allowing a comprehensive history of a vessel's usage to be maintained and monitored.

The claim to low cost is based on the fact that no specialized or proprietary equipment is necessary - everything is "off the shelf" and the choice re issues such as robustness vs cost is yours.

By "high performance" we mean "comprehensive, full function, flexible, device independent, low resource consumption..." but this wouldn't fit on one line and was not very punchy.  more ramblings...

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6 key features

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