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"Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas."

- Admiral Hyman Rickover

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C_wiz is available in three editions: EVALUATION, EXPRESS and PROFESSIONAL.

To obtain any edition you always start by downloading the EVALUATION edition, which is FREE and can be used for as long as you like (see Download for further information).

The EVALUATION edition is the only edition available when C_wiz is unregistered and is intended to assist a potential user ascertain fitness for purpose of the product. In this edition certain functionality is unavailable or limited, C_wiz will hibernate every 10 to 15 minutes and the Help /Test Drive feature is turned on each time C_wiz is started.

The EXPRESS edition is intended for the first time user who has relatively simple requirements and wishes to obtain a low cost introduction to the product. In this edition certain functionality is unavailable or limited.

The PROFESSIONAL edition is intended for the user who has more sophisticated requirements and wishes to extract maximum value from the data collected. In this edition all functionality is available.

You can upgrade the EVALUATION edition to the EXPRESS or PROFESSIONAL editions by going through a registration process and paying an upgrade fee (see Upgrade for further information).

Upgrade fees are $US 250 (+10% GST for Australian residents) for the EXPRESS edition and $US 600 (+10% GST for Australian residents) for the PROFESSIONAL edition.

You can also upgrade the EXPRESS edition to the PROFESSIONAL edition by going through another registration process and paying an additional $US 500 (+10% GST for Australian residents) upgrade fee.

The following comparison table summarizes the differences between editions:

                                                    EVALUATION      EXPRESS     PROFESSIONAL

Max data sources                                                                3                      3             unlimited(1)

Max data device drivers                                             2                      2             unlimited(1)

Hibernates(2)                                                                         yes                   no                   no

Test Drive on at launch                                            yes                   no                   no

Event subsystem(3)                                                     yes                   no                  yes

Plot subsystem(4)                                                           yes                   no                  yes

Map subsystem(5)                                                          yes                   no                  yes

email subsystem(6)                                                        no                    no                  yes

Instant messaging subsystem(7)             no                    no                  yes

Snapshot feature(8)                                                    yes                   no                  yes

On-screen keyboard feature(9)                   no                    no                  yes

Password feature(10)                                                no                    no                  yes

Watchdog feature(11)                                               no                    no                  yes


(1) the true limit in the PROFESSIONAL edition is determined by the physical limits of the PC, e.g. number of physical ports available (COM, USB etc), CPU speed, RAM size, disk speed etc.

(2) when C_wiz hibernates in the EVALUATION edition it suspends all functionality (including accepting data from D3s) until the user manually reawakens it.

(3) the Event subsystem allows you to query event data.

(4) the Plot subsystem allows you to plot history scripts.

(5) the Map subsystem allows you to display voyage tracks of vessel/s on a map.

(6) the email subsystem provides periodic ship-to-shore data transfer via C_wiz emails.

(7) the Instant Messaging subsystem provides real time ship-to-shore data transfer via instant messages over the Internet.

(8) the Snapshot feature allows you to "photograph" a VIP, plot or map's screen image and output it to a Microsoft Windows capable printer.

(9) the On-screen keyboard feature allows C_wiz to be used without a physical keyboard.

(10) the Password feature allows data and control files to be protected by a password to unlock C_wiz administration functions.

(11) the Watchdog feature allows you to bullet proof C_wiz on PCs fitted with a watchdog timer circuit.

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