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Build 2010080223

This build is primarily a maintenance upgrade to fix some Windows 7 compatibility issues and to cater for some new eccentricities of Google Earth 5.2.

Further Enhanced Google Earth Interface

The Google Earth interface has been further enhanced, such that it is possible to have both the "normal" (non-GE) Map subsystem window and the native GE window (with C_wiz features) co-resident on the desktop. To achieve this:

o Launch the Map subsystem (typically by clicking the C_wiz [Track] menu).

o Toggle in Google Earth, if it wasn't automatically toggled in at launch of the Map subsystem.

o Toggle out Google Earth.

o Move the Map subsystem window - the native Google Earth window will be behind it.

Additional Stability Enhancements

Stability of C_wiz itself ceased to be of any major concern at the release of build 2009122817.

We have been doing some extensive stabilization testing on a major customers site (11 patrol boats over 3 classes ranging from 32m to 12m).

The only stability issues uncovered were associated with the operating system (Windows XP).

We have solved this problem with one of the operating system locking products available on the market. In conjunction with this exercise we have added a "selective shadow work directory" feature. When this feature is enabled the user defines a subset of files in the C_wiz work directory that are to be "shadow copied" via a pattern file.

If you would like more information on this feature please Contact Us.

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