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Build 2006112507

Build 2006112507 is the result of a 12 month major implementation of the product on a new fleet of patrol boats comprising 4 x 12 metre, 6 x 16 metre, 2 x 22 metre and (in development) 1 x 28-30 metre.

The implementation includes a dedicated server located at the client's base running Windows 2003 Server and providing VPN (Virtual Private Network), email and C_wiz DirectX host services.

All vessels run "real time all the time" - that is, when C_wiz is started on a vessel it automatically launches its Instant Messaging subsystem,  establishes contact with the base server then continuously provides position, speed and course updates.

The major enhancements include a full blown interface to Google Earth, a significant simplification/enhancement of Instant Messaging network topologies, a new remote system management tool and new bulletproofing features developed in response to observed eccentricities of Windows, Windows drivers and modems.

We also designed and supplied all on-board PCs used in the project, click here for details.

Map Subsystem Enhancements

Google Earth interface:

Available for installations of Google Earth version 4.0.2416 or later.

Overlay C_wiz charts at a user defined translucence.

Display C_wiz vessel voyage tracks with user defined properties.

Use GE navigation control to vary view properties.

Pan menu:

Map panning by cursor and vessel moved to a static Pan menu.

"Waiting for vessel..." panel:

A panel has been added to reduce the ambiguity when the Map subsystem is launched in real time mode and is waiting for a vessel to lock the cursor to.

Vessel tooltips enhanced:

Vessel tooltips now show date and time of last position update as well as vessel name.

Instant Messaging Subsystem Enhancements


Choice of network topologies has been reduced to one - client/host, with the new option of a client member also acting as a "co-host".

Co-hosting client members have most of the functionality of the host member, including the ability to receive all instant messages sent by all other members.

Instant Messaging panel shows members:

The Instant Messaging panel now displays all the members seen by the local member. This was previously only available on the Diagnostics panel.

[cLose C_wiz] submenu added to [Request] menu:

Allows the host or a co-hosting client member to close the C_wiz session of another member.

[Close C_wiz and rEstart PC] submenu added to [Request] menu:

Allows the host or a co-hosting client member to close the C_wiz session of another member and restart the members PC.

email Subsystem Enhancements

Selective patching:

email C_wiz "patches" comprising code and/or tailoring changes for remote system management.

Separate general and data email destinations:

Allows the user to define different destination email addresses for general and data emails.

Status request/send:

Allows the user to request or send a status email, showing current patch status and vessel configuration definition.

Plot Subsystem Enhancements

pLot1/2/3 menu automatic re-drop:

Automatic re-drop of the pLot1/2/3 menus until sufficient information is obtained from the user to generate a plot, reducing potential ambiguity.


3 tiered network connection strategy:

3 tiers of user definable connection attempts - 2 tiers of number of attempts at wait interval and a final tier of infinite attempts at wait interval. This capability added to allow vessels operating in marginal reception areas to more successfully manage their connections.

GPF and UHE handling:

Internal management of GPF (general protection faults) and UHE (unhandled errors), including logging.

D3s can restart PC:

Most D3s now have the user switchable ability to precipitate a PC restart if a COM port has problems. This capability is useful when configuring unattended C_wiz stations and allows the D3 to restart the PC in circumstances such as the COM port is unavailable (e.g. opened by another application or a previous instance of the D3) or has not had appropriate drivers loaded.

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